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Thứ 7, 17.11.2018, 23:05
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The Treasures Of Montezuma

The Treasures of Montezuma is as thrilling as an adventure movie and as awe-inspiring as the quest for eternal life! Take the role of the beautiful and intelligent Dr. Emily Jones as she sets out to solve a mystery that reaches across time to transform the world. Join her as she matches artifacts and activates ever-more powerful magic totems to complete her quest. Features awesome visuals and challenging new gameplay!
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1 Bruno   (14.01.2014 13:57)
Good Morning Linda Sweetie...Oh I love this basket you have shread. I have been searching for a locker basket for the longest time. Where ever did you find it? I have such found memories of going to the pool and being given a basket to put my items in, and I have long wanted one for remembrance sake. Please advise me as to wher on earth you found it. That 5:00 sign is precious. Love it. I think each home should have one. Just so darn cute.Oh and I adore the tea towel - Life's a Beach. That is cute as it can be. Love it.Have a wonderful time at the beach. Soak in some of the ocean air and some of the sites and sounds. I love the beach. I can hear the waves lapping the shore, the birds screaming at each other, and smell the clean air. What a beautiful trip. Can't wait to see the pics sweetie.Have a beautiful day. Country hugs and much love...Sherry

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